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Ultimate Fighters Slot - Playtech Online Slot

If you play slot games online but are also a bit of a gamer, then Ultimate Fighters could be the game for you. The game screen for Ultimate Fighters is like something out of a games console.  The backdrop is set against an Asian palace of sorts, and the symbols are based on the characters portrayed in the game. It is a nine-reel, eight-pay line slot machine with a minimum bet of $0.01 per line and a maximum bet of $5 per line. You can also wager up to three coins per line so a maximum of $15 per spin.

The screen itself is deceptive because it looks like a three-reel online slot machine, however, the reels on this type of game spin independently from one another, and this is why it is a nine-reel slot machine.

The game has a scatter symbol and it is represented by the dragon symbol.  In order to win a scatter symbol prize you need to hit four or more dragon symbols anywhere on the reels in view. The game also has a bonus feature called the Ultimate Fighters Bonus Feature.

The bonus feature is triggered by the Golden Buddha bonus symbol (three golden Buddha symbols on an active pay line will do the trick). The Ultimate Fighter bonus feature consists of a game of Roshambo, or more commonly known as Rock, Paper and Scissors. The game consists of three rounds and in each round you choose your fighters Roshambo move and your opponents is chosen randomly. You start the round with your line bet as your win amount, if you lose a round your win amount is doubled, if it is a draw your bonus is multiplied 4x and if you win it is multiplied 8x. If you strike lucky and win all three rounds you will win 512x your initial line bet.

Ultimate Fighter is a visually appeasing game with an excellent bonus feature and it is will worth a karate chop or two.

Ultimate Fighters Slot - 8 Line Video Slot


Ultimate Fighters Slot Screenshot

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Last Updated 11 June 2016
Ultimate Fighters Slot