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Gold Rally - Online Slot

Gold Rally is an 8 Line, 5 Reel Video Slot. This game features one of the largest Progressive Jackpots available on online slot machines! Gold Rally has a fast movin', wild west theme. Find Gold, Horseshoes, Dynamite and old fashioned Golden Nuggets.

Make your Fortune and get Lucky on this super slot by giving it a Spin! This game was created for the elite few, that can gamble like they did way back then!

Bonus Round
Follow the instructions on the screen when you enter a Bonus Round. You will be paid a prize according to the choices you made.

Scatter Symbol
The Scales symbol is a Scatter symbol. If you get 5 to 9 of these symbols appearing on the screen, you get paid according to the the winnings table. Scatter win will be calculated by multiplying the number on the respective row of the scatter paytable, with your total bet. The symbols do not have to follow any payline. Scatter wins are added to payline wins if you have any.

Progressive Jackpot
A small percentage of each bet made by players goes to the Progressive Jackpot pool. You win the Progressive Jackpot by getting 9 Scatter symbols on the screen in one round, while playing for MaxImum Bet.

Gold Rally 8 Line Video Slot


Gold Rally Slot Screenshot

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