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Triple Profits - Online Slot

Triple Profits is a 3-Reel, 3-Row Multispin Video Slot.

Bonus Game
To access the Bonus game, you must collect 3 stack of money symbols on 1 row. Should you get 3 stacks on the 1st row, and another 3 on the 2nd, you will get to play 2 Bonus rounds, and the same applies for 3. If you did not play for max bet, select 2 or 3 bags out of the 12. The bags have a prize for you. Select the amount of coins that you want to bet on each line, maximum bet is 5 coins per line. After each 1st spin, you choose the reels you want to hold, by clicking on the Hold buttons beneath them, or on the reels themselves. Again, click on Spin to spin the reels you did not hold.

The tables display a winning amount for every symbol combination that deserves a win. This amount corresponds to $1 Line bet. Should you be playing with a lower or higher line bet, your winning amount will be differ respectively. Multiply your Line bet by that number, and you will get the winning amount. Should you have multiple wins on 1 line, then only the biggest win will be accounted for. Should you have winning combinations on multiple lines, add them all up to get the winning amount.

The Gold bar is a Wild symbol.
It stands for any other symbol, such as a Joker in card games. The Wild symbol doubles any win on the line it is on.

Triple Profits Multi Spin Video Slot


Triple Profits Slot Screenshot

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Last Updated 11 June 2016
Triple Profits Slot