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Goblin's Cave - Online Slot

Goblins Cave is a 3-Reel, 3-Row Multispin Slot. The Goblin will let you spin twice for his treasure, so don't be scared of him!

Goblin’s Cave lets you play 1 – 3 rows and 1 – 5 coins per row. You also get 2 spins per bet. Only the bottom reel spins on the first spin, and you pick the best symbol to hold. This symbol will now appear on all rows. All the blank reels get spun on the second spin, giving you 3 times to match the symbol.

The Red Diamond with the word "Wild" written on it, is a wild symbol. It stands for any other symbol, much like a Joker in card games. The Wild symbol also doubles any win on the line appears on.

The Bonus round is activated by getting 3 Lantern symbols in a row. Get 3 more Lanterns in the 2nd row and play 2 Bonus rounds, get them in 3 rows and play 3 Bonus rounds! Just select a Chest in the Bonus rounds to reveal your bonus amount.

You must activate all paylines to remain eligible for the highest payouts and maximum Jackpots.

Goblin's Cave Multi Spin Video Slot


Goblin's Cave Slot Screenshot

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Last Updated 17 February 2016
Goblins Cave Slot