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Exotics - Online Slot

Exotics is a 5 Reel, 5 Line Classic MultiLine Video Slot.

How To Play Exotics
Choose the lines you wish to bet on by clicking on the arrowheads to the left of the reels. To unselect a line, click on the arrowhead again. Click 5 Lines to select all 5 paylines. Select the value of the coins you wan to bet each round, by clicking the + and - buttons to the left of the screen. Click Bet or Max Bet to choose the amount of coins you wish to bet.
Every click on the Bet button shall increase your bet by the value of the coin you chose. Press Max Bet to increase your bet to the maximum amount possible - that is 4 coins, or less if you don't have enough balance. Spin the reels automatically.
The Total bet, which is the sum extracted from your credit, is Line bet multiplied by the number of lines chosen. If you didn't press Bet Max, then click Spin or the arm to spin the reels. Should the reels show a winning combination after stopping along a payline you bet on, you shall win according to the winning table. Should you win on multiple paylines all at once, your winnings will be added up.

Active paylines are shown by lines appearing over the reels. You can activate the paylines and see their shape by progressively clicking on the Bet One button. You will only win if a combination happens on an active payline.

Winning Tables
The tables display a certain number for every hit amount for each symbol. Should you have 4 symbols in a row starting on the leftmost reel (that is four hits), read the number on the line "XXXX" and in the column under that symbol. Multiply your Line bet by that number and you shall get the winning amount. Should you have winning combinations on multiple lines, add them all up to get the winning amount. The symbols must lie consecutively, beginning from the leftmost reel, to qualify as hits.

Exotics Multi Line Slot


Exotics Slot Screenshot


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Last Updated 9 August 2014
Exotics Slot