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Dog Father - Online Slot

Dog Father Slot has a mafia theme, awesome graphics and animation, with first class features. Join the world of deals, frenzy, mystery and suspense. This is a 5 Reel and 20 Payline microgaming video slot machine.

There are also 2 additional games :
The Free Spins game and an Off Screen Bonus game where your chances of winning are greatly increased. The Bonus Pokies game is activated when you hit on 3, 4 or 5 Fire Hydrants. Once qualifying for this game, you have a receive a number of surprises.

Should you find 3, 4, or 5 Fleas, the Free Spins game shall be activated, where not only will the wins be tripled, but you can be awarded extra spins while playing.

The maximum amount of coins you can bet is 100, the value of each of these coins is determined by you. The minimum coin denomination is 1 cent, and the maximum is 1 Dollar. This feature is flexible, so you decide to change both the denomination and number of coins as you please.

The graphics are precise and creative, with cutting edge technology. The Dog Father is a fantastic, unique game which will leave you barking for more...

it is a treat worth more than a few diamond studded collars !

Dog Father Feature Slot

Dog Father Slot Screenshot


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Last Updated 10 September 2015
Dog Father Slot